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I make documentary films both independently and for cable networks. I began as a producer and videojournalist; now I supervise cable documentary series as a show runner. I have made programs for A&E, Discovery, HBO, TLC, History, National Geographic, Destination America and PBS. I've also been a network executive in programming and development.

I have worked on verité documentaries, where the camera is an unobtrusive observer, and on interview and archival-based films, where the film's characters speak directly to the camera.

I've filmed with police forces, in hospitals, with families, inside snake pits, with politicians, at rodeos, hanging from skyscrapers and crawling through underground tunnels. My work has taken me all over the U.S., and to Australia, Europe, South America and Asia.

My independent films have been shown in international film festivals and on PBS.
I live in New York City.

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